Energy Data Access Committee Meeting 6/21: Recap, Highlights


Thanks to all local governments that participated in the Energy Data Access Committee (EDAC) survey, which sought to help the EDAC understand how the current rules governing utility data access align with the data needs of local governments’ in their efforts to complete Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventories – and ultimately Climate Action Plans (CAPs). Results of the survey were reviewed in this week’s quarterly public EDAC meeting, to better understand the impact of data aggregation and provision of data by zipcode required under the EDRP. Some highlights from the review are:

  • Prior to the establishment of the EDRP, findings show 75%+ data access across all sectors requested by local governments for climate action planning/GHG inventorying.
  • Agricultural and industrial are the sectors most affected by data rules.
  • Some local governments commented that they have not had data issues yet, but they have not put in data requests since the establishment of the EDRP.
  • Small jurisdictions may be disproportionately affected – in particular, small jurisdictions that share a large percentage of their zipcodes with other jurisdictions.
  • It was considered that a request could be put in to share data by town/city, rather than by zipcode – though issues were raised and some utilities were not sure this level of data could feasibly be provided.
  • It was proposed that utilities work with consultants to review what percent of data is affected by the EDRP across their portfolios to better inform the analysis.

These issues will continue to be explored in the EDAC’s Local Government Working Group.

(Anyone not familiar with the EDAC can refer to Section 9 of this CPUC Decision, and/or review highlights from the last quarterly meeting of interest to local government here.)

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