Energy Efficiency in California’s Public Power Sector: A 2016 Status Report


The California Municipal Utilities Association (CMUA), the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA), and the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) have worked collaboratively since October 2005 to measure energy efficiency program effectiveness and report savings in a consistent and comprehensive manner. In December 2006, the first joint report on energy efficiency was submitted to the California Energy Commission (CEC). This tenth report explores the latest results from public power’s wide range of energy efficiency programs.

To excerpt from the Report, “Publicly owned utility (POU) programs incentivizing customer investments in energy efficiency have totaled over $100 million annually since 2008.

• Sustained Investment: POUs spent over $162 million on energy efficiency programs. This represents public power’s eighth consecutive year exceeding $100 million threshold and second only to last year as the highest single-year expenditure.

• Record-Setting Savings: POUs set new annual records for Gross Peak Savings (132.5 MW), Gross Annual Energy Savings (681.9 GWh), and Gross Lifecycle Savings (8,211.6 GWh). These totals represent significant gains over any prior year’s results.

• $1.2 Billion Success: Since 2006, POUs have invested over $1.2 billion in energy efficiency programs, reduced peak demand by more than 846 megawatts, and achieved more than 4.5 million MWh in annual savings.

• Cost-Effectiveness: Applying the Total Resource Cost (TRC) societal test, the aggregated TRC for public power is 2.02 in FY14/15. The Program Administrator Cost (PAC) test also yielded a positive aggregate score of 5.98 for all POU programs.

• Most Savings: Lighting continues to be major source of savings for public power energy efficiency programs with residential and non-residential programs accounting for 41.2% of the total gross annual savings. However, this is a lower share of the savings than in previous years.

• Efficacy of Programs: The cost per net kWh saved over the lifetime of all measures is $0.027/kWh for all of public power.”

To read the Report in full, click here.

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