‘Energy-efficient design can be simple’

“Kelsey Johnston and her husband Tyler began looking at lots for sale rather than for a home, and stumbled upon the one that would ultimately become theirs. Johnston shares that she and her husband had strong opinions about what the structure would be like—but were also on a budget. Originally, Johnston wanted a one-story, L-shaped house with a deck that connected everything. “That was one of the first things Rausch nixed because he said ‘you just doubled your cost for the roof and foundation for no reason,’” she says. This focus on energy efficiency guided the rest of the project.

Not only are the sustainability features of the home imperative in the long run for both the couple and the environment, but Johnston also notes that it was important to her and Tyler to show that building an affordable, design-forward home from the ground up in a rural area of the Midwest is possible.

“So many people have a vision of what life in Indiana looks like,” she says. “It’s possible to create a home [here] that has a lot of those [designed] aspects. I wanted it to feel approachable for others, regardless of where they live.””

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