Energy-efficient light bulbs harder to find, more expensive in high-poverty neighborhoods

“A Detroit area study finds that energy-efficient CFLs and LEDs are more expensive and less readily available in high-poverty urban neighborhoods.

The survey found high-poverty neighborhoods lacked the large retailers offering lower prices and wider selection. CFL and LED bulb prices and availability differed across the county, but more limited availability and higher prices were the norm in high-poverty areas. The most expensive CFLs and LEDs were found at pharmacies and small retail stores located in low-income urban neighborhoods.

In the poorest areas tracked in the study, with 40 percent or more of households living below the federal poverty line, none of the small retail stores carried LEDs. Meanwhile, 92 percent of the same stores carried energy-wasting incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Researchers found a $6.24 mean price difference between incandescent and halogen bulbs and LED replacements in the poorest areas. Perversely, incandescent and halogen light bulbs were less expensive in the high-poverty neighborhoods.”

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