Energy Roadmaps Completed for all SANDAG Cities, Implementation Underway


Through collaboration with the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) and support from its local government partnership with SDG&E, the Cities of Solana Beach and Poway recently released their Energy Roadmaps. These Roadmaps serve as management plans that provide the Cities with a framework to identify ways to save energy in government operations and in the community, resulting in municipal cost savings and benefits to the environment. Per the Roadmap reports, “these wide-ranging, cost-effective opportunities to save electricity, natural gas, and transportation fuel include:

  • No-cost expert technical assistance, such as free energy audits of government buildings,
  • Help identifying and applying for energy efficiency rebates and innovative programs like zero-percent on-bill financing,
  • Energy-saving resources for cutting-edge topics like general plan updates, electric vehicles, and transportation demand management strategies, and
  • The latest information on critical subjects like financing energy efficiency projects, alternative fuels, and residential retrofit programs.”

Energy Roadmaps provide resources in eight general categories:

1. Saving Energy in City Buildings and Facilities
2. Demonstrating Emerging Energy Technologies
3. Greening the City Vehicle Fleet
4. Developing Employee Knowledge of Energy Efficiency
5. Promoting Commuter Benefits to City Employees
6. Leveraging Planning and Development Authority
7. Marketing Energy Programs to Local Residents and Businesses
8. Supporting Green Jobs and Workforce Training

Per SANDAG’s website, “upon receiving their energy roadmap, SANDAG will assist municipalities in developing projects and/or programs presented in the eight general categories. Implementing appropriate activities within local communities and government operations will likely result in:

  • Reduced government spending on utility bills and gasoline
  • Integration of sustainability, energy efficiency, and emission reductions into general plans
  • Qualifications to participate in future funding opportunities related to energy efficiency
  • Increased investment in community energy efficiency”

The release of these reports marks the completion of Energy Roadmaps for every SANDAG member City. Many Cities are putting the Roadmap to use and implementing energy- and cost-saving measures – including the City of Vista and the City of San Marcos.

Learn more in the full Energy Roadmaps for Poway and Solana Beach. For more on energy-saving programming through SANDAG, visit their website. For more on SDG&E local government partnerships, visit the Local Government Partnerships website.

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