Energy Storage System, EV Charging System Unveiled at Lancaster Museum


The City of Lancaster, utilizing a grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC) and contracting with Green Charge Networks, has installed an energy storage system and EV fast charging station at its Museum of Art and History (MOAH). The system lowers the Museum’s energy costs to reduce the facility’s peak demand by storing energy from the grid to use during times of the day when use of electricity from the grid costs more. The EV fast charging station charges electric vehicles to 80% in 30 minutes. Lancaster’s installation is one project in the City’s pursuit to be the first net zero energy city in America.

Using the CEC grant, the project has been completed at no cost to the City. The project is expected to save the Museum $3,200 per year.

For coverage on the project from the City of Lancaster, see the below video:

For more from Cleantechnica, click here. For a case study from Green Charge Networks, click here. For more energy storage/demand response coverage coverage on this website, use the tags in the tag cloud to the right, or click here.

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