Environmental justice must be part of climate plan


“Last week, the California Air Resources Board approved a roadmap to achieving the 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets, but unfortunately it does not say how it will avoid disproportionate impacts in low-income and minority communities.

We’ve already seen preliminary data showing that under cap and trade, even though California is on track to reach 2020 targets, emissions in some industries have actually increased. These polluters are disproportionately located near vulnerable communities, so they are hit first and hardest.

The air resources board’s plan does not clearly lay out how it will reduce emissions in these communities, or how the reauthorized cap-and-trade program will achieve most the 2030 greenhouse gas reductions. Further, the plan undermines one of the most important environmental justice policies, Assembly Bill 197, which requires the board to prioritize emission reductions. That is not only the most effective way to cut greenhouse gases, it also reduces air pollution in poor and minority communities.”

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