From PG&E: 7 Questions to Ask Your Building Owner When Considering a Green Lease


As shared by PG&E in its post, 7 Questions to Ask Your Building Owner When Considering a Green Lease:

Rent, length of lease agreement, upfront investment, build-out allowances and property upkeep are some of the first issues that are raised when a business negotiates a lease with a building owner. But many California businesses are also exploring green leasing. A green lease can make a big difference to a business’s long-term profits, and it can reduce a business’s carbon footprint.

In a green lease, a new commercial tenant, or one that is renegotiating a lease in its current space, brokers things like energy efficiency benchmarks and eco-conscious sustainability programs into the agreement. It’s a way for landlords and tenants to work together to realize energy efficiency goals, and it’s one of the most effective ways that companies can reduce the environmental impact of their business.

Sustainability, particularly as it applies to energy consumption, is one of the hottest buzzwords in commercial real estate. California has been at the forefront of the movement to construct sustainable buildings and retrofit older buildings with sustainable measures.

Green leases in California that focus on greater sustainability have become increasingly essential for many businesses in the state. The environmental benefits of California green leases are the driving force behind their growing popularity, but their short- and long-term financial benefits also are a significant contributor to the implementation of green leases.

For coverage on the 7 questions, visit PG&E’s SMB blog. For more on green leases on this site, click here.

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