From the CEC’s Blog: Water Efficiency Standards Going Into Effect July 1


With all the excitement around the new building energy efficiency standards becoming open for cities and counties to adopt by January 1, 2017, we can’t forget about new water efficiency standards! Read an excerpt from the California Energy Commission (CEC)’s blog, and get links for more information, below.

In 2015, the California Energy Commission adopted water efficiency standards requiring toilets, urinals, faucets, and showerheads to consume less water – more than 14.2 billion gallons in the first year and 150 billion gallons after all existing fixtures are replaced.

The standards for bathroom faucets and showerheads go into effect July 1, 2016. Although inventories of existing stock can continue to be sold after that date, products manufactured after June 30, 2016 must meet the following standards:

  • Showerhead flow rates move from 2.5 gallons per minute to 2.0 gallons per minute. This applies to fixed and handheld showerheads and horizontal body sprayers. It changes to 1.8 gallons per minute maximum flow rate July 1, 2018 making it the most stringent showerhead standard in the country.
  • Lavatory faucets cannot exceed a flow rate of 1.2 gallons per minute.

Read more on the CEC’s blog here.

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