General Manager for Sustainability, Environmental, and Energy Management


The County of Los Angeles is in need of a new General Manager responsible for sustainability, environmental, and energy management. Candidates are encouraged to apply by May 26, 2017, for first consideration.

The position has administrative oversight for over 135 budgeted positions and is responsible for directing, coordinating and implementing, through subordinate managers, a wide range of energy efficiency, conservation, and sustainability programs and projects to decrease utilization and maximize the efficient use of natural resources within County operations and throughout the Southern California Region. The position is also responsible for overseeing and managing a combined $260 million annual operating and utilities budget; $34 million in grants and special funds; and has oversight of over 10 major environmental sustainability related programs and 17 sub-programs that are supported by a variety of in-house personnel and contract agencies.

Click here to learn more and to find instructions on how to apply.

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