Give Your Marketing a Power Boost: Become a National Housing Innovation Award Winner

National awards are hard to come by and immediately raise the stature of a home building business. Winners can prominently promote this distinction with the plaques provided by DOE as well as with announcements in ads, websites, and signage. All Housing Innovation Award winning homes are automatically added to the Zero Energy Ready Home website ‘Tour of Zero.’ This website allows homebuyers to virtually tour extensive examples of the ‘home of the future, today’ in all climate regions including great images, quotes about why these homes are so special, simple statistics, floor plans, and links directly to each builder. DOE is anticipating working with over 100 product manufacturers and associations to engage American consumers to take the ‘Tour of Zero’ and learn how our nation’s leading builders are providing homes that live, work, and last better. You link to your homes on the ‘Tour of Zero’ showing prospective buyers that DOE includes one or more of your homes on its showcase of our nation’s highest performing homes. DOE will be providing press release templates to all award winners to help them promote their national recognition locally.

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