Grant: Advancing the Resilience and Environmental Performance of California’s Electricity System


The purpose of this solicitation is to fund Applied Research and Development projects that reduce the environmental and public health impacts of electricity generation and make the electricity system less vulnerable to climate impacts. The deadline to submit applications is October 9th, 2017.

Characterization and mitigation of climate change consequences for hydropower generation and electricity demand in dense urban areas are essential to the reliability and performance of California’s energy system. Identification of opportunities for building retrofitting and expansion of renewable distributed generation energy sources is crucial to reduce energy consumption and the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting as well as to decarbonize electricity sector and improve air quality in especially high populated urban areas. Funded projects will develop innovative solutions addressing environmental aspects of electricity generation and distribution and provide actionable information visualized on the Cal-Adapt Platform ( to advance the resilience of California’s energy sector.

Projects must fall within the following project groups:

Group 1: Empirical Studies of Aerosols to Boost Precipitation Enhancement Programs of Investor Owned Utilities;

Group 2: Air Quality and Climate Benefits of Targeted Retrofit Buildings and Renewable Distributed Generation (DG) in Dense Urban Areas Including Disadvantaged Communities;

Group 3: Building on the Cal-Adapt Platform to Deliver Actionable Information in Support of Electricity Sector Resilience

Group 4: Small Grants

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