Grass Valley Installs Energy-Saving Roof, Gets Ready for LED Lighting, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, and HVAC Installs


The City of Grass Valley’s City Hall needed a new roof, and the City used the opportunity to install a new roof membrane with several inches of foam insulation – this relatively simple energy conservation measure will save the City energy and money for the life of the project.

Grass Valley is also getting ready for more deep dives into saving – LED lighting upgrades for all city facilities, solar PV installs total 787 kilowatts of power, solar thermal and HVAC upgrades in city buildings and the Memorial Park pool. These projects are going forward through energy performance contracting, where fees for the project are paid off through utility bill savings. Once paid off, the full set of measures is expected to save the City $400,000 per year on energy bills. Read more here.

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