Green Bank Accounting: Examining the Current Landscape and Tallying Progress on Energy Efficiency


An ACEEE report examining green banks across the country, reporting on progress and best practices for this novel approach to supporting energy efficiency improvements. The review includes California’s version of green banking.

Criteria for green banks:

  • They are publicly chartered financing institutions.
  • They have a mandate to invest in clean energy deployment.
  • They leverage public funds to stimulate private capital.
  • They offer products across sectors, focusing on bridging market gaps.

Some simple best practices from the report:

  • Listen and react to stakeholders.
  • Embrace trial and error as a means to understanding the market.
  • Use your existing state resources.

You can read the full report from ACEEE here.

You can  find California’s version of a Green Bank operated by the Treasurer here and sign up for updates from the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing here.


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