Green California Summit & Exposition – Apr. 9-10

“The Green California Summit is designed for a unique and praiseworthy audience: the men and women who work day in and day out to help California achieve its green goals. Attendees from both public and private sectors share this commitment.

With this in mind, all aspects of the Summit are engineered to inspire, assist and inform. The Leadership Awards highlight outstanding accomplishments and the teams behind them. Keynote presentations point toward the big goals. Concurrent education sessions offer insights into effective strategies, resources, changing regulations and opportunities for funding. The Expo offers hands-on exposure to innovative products and services. Throughout all this are opportunities to connect with like-minded colleagues and potential partners.

It’s a once-a-year opportunity and not to be missed. Every year we hear new stories from past attendees who found something at the Summit that helped them achieve something that was important to them.

The Summit advisors, the speakers, the exhibitors are all making it a point to be in Sacramento for two days to help this happen over and over again. ”

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