Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund Draft Funding Guidelines


The Air Resources Board (ARB or Board) has released a draft
version of the Funding Guidelines for agencies that are
administering appropriations from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction
Fund (GGRF).

The draft Funding Guidelines consist of three volumes focused on:
accountability and transparency; maximizing benefits to
disadvantaged communities; and reporting to document greenhouse
gas (GHG) reductions, co-benefits, and other project outcomes.
The draft Funding Guidelines will be discussed at a public
workshop on Monday, June 22, 2015, in Sacramento that is also
available through webcast.  The deadline for public comments on
the draft Funding Guidelines is June 29, 2015.  Following the
workshop and public comment period, ARB staff will update and
release a revised draft of the Funding Guidelines.  On Thursday,
July 23, 2015, the Board will hear public testimony and consider
approval of the Funding Guidelines.

To download a copy of the draft Funding Guidelines, please visit:

To download a copy of the Workshop Notice, including the workshop
time and location, please visit:

Comments on the draft Funding Guidelines may be submitted
electronically at:

For additional information on auction proceeds, please visit:

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