Hotel EE and Energy Management


Are hotels part of your community’s energy footprint? Learn what motivates hotels on energy and water savings in a hotel survey covered by Environmental Leader’s It’s Check-In Time for Hotel Energy and Water Management. To excerpt:

“There are differences between what an office and hotel wants to get out of its programs, however. Water management programs are a higher priority in hotels, Tan said. It makes sense. Hotels are, in essence, wetter places. “In an office building you are going to have leaks, but the cost of water is exponentially higher in a hotel where you have guest rooms” and laundry requirements, she said.

“Water and energy programs are gaining traction in the hotel world. MACH found that 61 percent of respondents ruan sustainability such programs. Twenty-nine percent did not have program and 7 percent were unsure if there was a program in place or not.”

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