How much damage are Trump’s solar tariffs doing to the U.S. industry?

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“It’s been six months, and while the tariffs are having an impact on jobs and companies, the U.S. solar market is still hot.

Company executives and industry analysts say that the effects of the tariffs—increased prices for installations that could depress demand for solar projects and lead to thousands of job losses—have largely been cancelled out by other factors.

Many developers had stockpiled cheap panels in anticipation of the import fees. China slowed the pace of domestic installations, creating a surplus of cheap panels that could spill into global markets. And U.S. consumers have a big incentive to install solar panels in the next 18 months, before U.S. tax incentives begin to phase out.

So far, there’s not enough data to tell how much the import fees are altering project costs, although it is clear that there has not been a dramatic shift.”

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