How to unleash DER in California by fixing transmission cost allocation distortions – May 10

Transmission costs in California are excessive and growing. At the current rate, within a handful of years, transmission costs will surpass the costs of generating electricity. Well-established distributed energy resources (DER) can reduce needs for new transmission infrastructure, and DER have already saved California ratepayers billions of dollars in avoided transmission costs. But the way transmission costs are recovered does not recognize the mitigation efforts of DER-friendly load-serving entities (LSEs) that operate in Participating Transmission Owner (PTO) utility service territories. This distortion is a major barrier to DER for all LSEs operating in PTO utility service territories, including all Community Choice agencies in California. The distortion essentially steals 3 cents per kWh associated with local generation.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
-How transmission access charges are currently structured in California, including where it is done right and where it is done wrong
-How the current structure creates market distortions that are stacked against DER, and how an easy fix that already applies in non-PTO utility service territories can be applied consistently across California
-How fixing the transmission cost allocation distortion will reshape California’s energy system to take full advantage of the benefits of DER, including the trifecta of environmental, economic, and resilience benefits

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