ICLEI to Launch Online Training Platform for ClearPath


As local government’s demand for ICLEI training and technical assistance for developing GHG inventories and climate action plans increases, new approaches to training are necessary to ensure statewide coverage while also providing targeted assistance in a timely manner. To address this dynamic, ICLEI will soon introduce a new online training platform that will improve access to and usability of the 30+ training modules that ICLEI has created for the ClearPath emissions-management tool in recent years.

The platform, a Learning Management System (LMS), will provide an attractive, intuitive structure for local governments to learn the ClearPath online and introduce more interactive elements, including quizzes and certificates, as new competencies are gained. It also will provide a space for web-based “in-session” trainings, so that the ICLEI staff can provide targeted, live training to a cohort of local governments preparing GHG inventories.

ICLEI aims to launch this new learning platform in July for local governments in California. Watch for an email announcement in the coming months! Contact iclei-usa@iclei.org with questions.



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