Integrated Renewable Energy Advisory Committee Description and Invitation

“Purpose: The Integrated Renewable Energy System Network (IRESN) aims to promote more effective engagement between local jurisdictions and energy service providers toward accelerated deployment of clean local energy resources. Its strategy is to identify and call attention to cases of exemplary, integrative collaborations, and to develop guidelines for their replication/adaptation by other city/utility teams.

Participation: IRESN is organizing a committee to advise a one-year effort to develop a vision and action guidelines for teamwork between cities and utilities to improve local energy resilience. The committee will include current board members and advisors. IRESN is seeking participation of additional committee members who may be engaged in deployment of clean local energy resources and/or may have visibility to examples of related city/utility teamwork.

Process: An organizational advisory committee conference call will be scheduled in late February 2018 and will be followed by monthly calls and web based meetings throughout the remainder of the year. Advisors are not expected to travel but may organize local and state level meetings as needed. The deadline for response to this invitation is February 9, 2018. Appointed advisors will be alerted to 2018 webinars that feature examples of city/utility teaming and collaboration. Advisory meetings will identify decisive steps that have led to successful city/utility collaborations, as well as strategies being used to improve and expand ongoing city/utility collaborations. The committee’s findings will be captured in: 1) a city/utility collaboration vision statement outlining essential near and long-term outcomes, and 2) a summary of lessons learned regarding city/utility collaboration opportunities, decision-maker engagement, ground rules, removal of roadblocks, etc.”

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