Inyo County’s Retrocommissioning and Commissioning Policy


Looking for guidance on retro-commissioning policy development? A draft of Inyo County’s commissioning (Cx) and retro-commissioning (RCx) policy is available online (here). See an introduction to the policy, showcasing benefits of building retro-commissioning, below.

Commissioning (CX) and retro-commissioning (RCx) are processes that look at how and why a building’s mechanical and electrical systems (building infrastructure) are operated and maintained. In the case of a new building, commissioning considers how the infrastructure is installed and designed, and evaluates whether the building is operating as it was designed.

As a process, rather than a set of prescriptive measures, commissioning and retro-commissioning adapt to meet the specific needs of each building. Since occupant comfort complaints and high energy use often go hand-in-hand, retro-commissioning can help to correct both. For this reason, the following are primary incentives for the County to consider retro-commissioning:

  • Improve employee, tenant or occupant comfort, safety, and health, and improve the indoor environment through a systematic evaluation of building systems, equipment, and controls.
  • Optimize energy efficiency through operating the building as originally intended (or designed) and through the identification and implementation of improvement upgrades.
  • Reduce operations, maintenance, and repair costs by implementing improvements to operational requirements and effective maintenance procedures.
  • Improve maintenance and operations personnel’s skills and awareness through training and certifications as appropriate to maintain buildings in optimal operating conditions.
  • Gain acceptance from the Board of Supervisors and at all levels of management for the retro-commissioning process as a standard building operating method. Use project successes and maintenance staff expertise as leverage to implement a process for retro-commissioning.

Learn more in the draft Cx and RCx Plan here.

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