Job Announcement: Air Pollutant Specialist, California Air Resources Board



The California Air Resources Board (ARB) is hiring for an Air Pollutant Specialist! See a job description excerpt below, or click here to review and apply.

Job Description and Duties

Are you ready to join a team that is committed to keeping the California Air Resources Board at the forefront of global climate change policy?  The Climate Action and Research Planning Section has an immediate opening for a motivated staff person to lead the agency’s efforts to support voluntary implementation of California’s climate change goals, with an emphasis on local government.  The Section provides an exciting work environment with highly motivated staff, and serves as an agency-wide resource for developing the Board’s annual research plan, develops tools and guidance for local governments, small businesses, and others to help California meet its climate goals, and performs and guides novel research on sustainable communities, green buildings, advanced clean cars, and low carbon fuels.  The selected candidate will be responsible for developing and coordinating cutting-edge scientific and technical research, reports, and tools to support the Board’s decision-making to promote voluntary greenhouse gas reductions.  The candidate should be familiar with relevant state climate change policies, local and regional climate change planning, existing tools that are used in those efforts, and cognizant of the complexities of climate change planning efforts, including their reliance on human behavior and interaction with other policies.

The incumbent will be responsible for assessing, developing, and improving tools, resources, and other strategies to promote voluntary greenhouse gas reductions for use by local governments, as well as households and small businesses, to be hosted on the site.  The selected candidate will also be responsible for quantitatively evaluating the efficacy of existing greenhouse gas reduction strategies and developing methods to measure and track their implementation.  This position requires extensive coordination with academia, government, and other organizations to keep ARB apprised of the current state of research and to unify and integrate efforts and tools, and the candidate should be comfortable making presentations and communicating the section’s objectives to nontechnical persons.



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