Job Announcement: City of San Diego Energy Program Coordinator


The City of San Diego is looking for an Energy Program Coordinator! Description of San Diego’s Environmental Services Department, and a short description of the position, is copied below. For more on the position and to apply, visit the City’s employment pages and search “Energy” or “Coordinator”.

Environmental Services Department

The Environmental Services Department ensures that all residents of San Diego are provided with a clean, safe and ecologically-sound environment.  The Department pursues waste management strategies that emphasize waste reduction and recycling, composting, and environmentally-sound landfill management to meet the City’s long term disposal needs, oversees the management of the City’s energy use and programs, explores innovative options to increase energy independence and works to advance more sustainable practices within the City and community.
The Energy and Sustainability Division provides energy policy support and sustainable business practices to City of San Diego (City) operations; support of the City’s Climate Action Plan implementation related to energy; budget analysis and administrative support.  There is an annual operating budget of $2.8 million and there are 15 budgeted staff.  In addition, the Division manages the City of San Diego’s $45 million energy budget and has other outside sources of funding such as grants.

Position Overview

Under the direction of the Energy and Sustainability Division Deputy Director, the Program Coordinator will be responsible for energy support of the Climate Action Plan implementation which includes Municipal Inter-departmental energy program coordination and Citywide renewable energy program coordination including Community Choice Aggregation and or other programs.  The Program Coordinator will work closely with other City departments to incorporate more sustainable business practices into City operations, while ensuring that energy-related project opportunities are consistently identified and vetted.
The position is also responsible for overseeing the tracking and reporting of the City’s greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, as well as implementing elements of the City’s Climate Action Plan as it relates to both municipal operations and communitywide actions.  The position is often a spokesperson for the Department at meetings and conferences, and will support the Deputy Director and City Attorney’s Office in coordinating proceedings before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC). 

For more, visit the City’s employment page and search “Energy” or “Coordinator”.

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