Job Announcement: Climate Program Assistant, San Francisco Department of Environment


The City and County of San Francisco Department of Environment is hiring a Climate Program Assistant! An excerpt from the position description is included below. Learn more and apply through the full description on the SF Environment webpage, here.

Climate Program Assistant: Position Description

The position assists the Department of the Environment in conducting data collection, management and calculations for policy at the municipal operations and community levels, and various climate related research and implementation projects. The Assistant will demonstrate informed interest or experience with climate/energy/environmental work, organizations, and policy. Basic work tasks include, but are not limited to:

·         Assisting City Departments to develop and report their carbon reduction efforts

·         Performing the Greenhouse gas emissions inventories

·         Work with more senior staff on inventory methodology

·         Data sourcing, collection, formatting, and entry

·         Data analysis, trend projections, data presentation and info graphics

·         Interface with various City department’s IT platforms and data collection systems

·         Perform research on climate issues

·         Assist with project and program implementation, organizing meetings, and other project tasks

·         Contact with other City staff and community stakeholders

·         Provide administrative support and perform other tasks as requested

·         There is no need to drive a motor vehicle for any of these tasks.

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