Job Announcement: Local Government Commission, Energy Program Manager


The Local Government Commission (LGC) is seeking an experienced and dynamic individual to serve as Energy Program Manager. See more about the position below. For more job announcements, click here.

The Energy Program Manager will oversee multiple projects led by the Local Government Commission including administering an Advanced Energy Community EPIC grant in the City of Fresno and directing the Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition, a coalition of the Local Government Commission (Full-time position with approximately 50% time for each).

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Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Oversee and coordinate the activities of specific LGC energy-focused projects and initiatives, supervise and support staff; oversee the management and implementation of contracts and grants; and identify emerging trends, potential challenges and new opportunities.
  2. Lead and participate in development and fundraising activities.
  3. Specific EPIC responsibilities include:
    1. Work with local stakeholders to identify and prioritize projects and planning priorities.
    2. Conduct policy scan and assessments.
    3. Research funding and financing mechanisms for energy, water and climate change projects.
    4. Support development of funding and resource verification guidance.
    5. Use findings to develop recommendations, strategies and case studies and communicate results to decision-makers.
  4. Specific LGSEC-related activities include:
    1. Develop and maintain strong relationships with LGC and LGSEC members, strategic partners, funders and sponsors.
    2. Represent LGC and LGSEC as an expert in the program through outreach and communication activities (e.g. presentations, meetings, advisory committees, written publications, workshops, conferences, etc.)
    3. Recommend an annual budget and work plan to the LGSEC Board that aligns with LGSEC’s Strategic Plan and supports Board priorities.
    4. Work with a Regulatory Consultant to monitor numerous and complex regulatory proceedings at the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Energy Commission, and the California Air Resources Board.
    5. Work with a Regulatory Consultant to advocate, through written and oral comments, including working with the Board, general membership, and other strategic partners to develop advocacy positions and strategies. Examples of past work products can be found at the LGSEC website:
    6. Develop and implement programs, projects and initiatives as recommended by the Board.
    7. Coordinate communication and outreach activities to potential members and existing members, including leading the LGSEC Quarterly Energy Networking Meetings
  5. Other project management as needed and as may arise related to this role.

This position will require occasional travel.

Desired Qualifications, Skills and Attributes

  • Minimum of 3 years experience in energy efficiency, sustainability, climate change or government.
  • Experience with the CPUC, CEC and/or CARB on topics related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate action and community choice aggregation is preferred.
  • Growing reputation for leadership in energy, climate change and/or other sustainability areas.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of energy issues, policies and practices, including an understanding of local, regional and state planning, policies and administrative practices.
  • Experience in researching, quantifying and analyzing inputs and outputs (including financial costs/savings and resources savings) to energy and/or climate change measures.
  • Knowledge of California local government planning, policy and administrative practices.
  • Ability to work independently, while at the same time, collaborating closely with key stakeholders.
  • Experience working with diverse groups and individuals.
  • Excellent analytical skills.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, including facilitation, interpersonal networking skills and relationship building.
  • Excellent time management skills.

Salary & Benefits

The Energy Program Manager is a Local Government Commission employee located in Sacramento, CA. The annual full-time salary range of this position is between $62,000 – $72,000 depending upon qualifications. The benefits package includes 100% employer-paid medical, dental and long-term disability coverage and a 401K retirement plan with an employer contribution equal to 4% of salary.

Application Process and Deadline

Applicants should send their résumés and cover letters describing their qualifications and interest in the position to Erin Hauge at the Local Government Commission ( Position is open until filled.


About the LGC

The LGC is a nonprofit organization fostering innovation in environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and social equity. The LGC is helping to transform communities through inspiration, practical assistance and a network of visionary local elected officials and other community leaders. Current program areas include Community Design, Water, Climate Change and Energy. Our focus is on making communities more livable, prosperous, resilient and sustainable. More information about LGC can be found at:

About the LGSEC

As a Coalition of the LGC, the LGSEC catalyzes local government leadership and innovation through ongoing dialogue and action to enhance current and develop new roles for local government in California’s sustainable energy future. LGSEC provides a collective voice for its city, county, and local agency members on statewide policy and program issues for sustainable energy, energy efficiency, local renewable power and related issues. The LGSEC elevates the role of local governments in shaping California’s energy future through driving innovation; regulatory intervention and action; coordination of local governments’ broad technical expertise; convening forums for networking; local and regional program implementation; and, development of local leadership. More information about the LGSEC can be found


Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Grant:

The two-year project will result in greater electricity reliability for the city of Fresno and lower costs for ratepayers by identifying high-leverage energy efficiency, clean transportation and renewable-energy opportunities; matching projects with funding mechanisms; and tracking resource savings to spur further investment in clean-energy projects such as solar panels, water and energy-friendly landscaping, and electric-vehicle charging stations.

The program will simulate a project pipeline program that works with constituents to apply appropriate funding mechanisms and efficiency/conservation technologies to develop more projects with higher sustainability value.

To assist with overall project integration, a Fresno Master Community Design and Recommendations Report will be developed that identifies projects, specific sites and funding mechanisms, and reports project resource savings.

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