Job Announcement: Software Developer, Carbon Lighthouse


Carbon Lighthouse is hiring for a Software Developer! A quick synopsis of the role and about Carbon Lighthouse is below.

We’re looking for an entrepreneurial, self-driven, software engineer to work and grow with us to envision and build out our software platform and accelerate our environmental impact. Along the way, you’ll learn all about energy efficiency, solar, real estate markets, construction, and probably get your hands dirty (or at least dusty) on site visits.

Carbon Lighthouse has developed expertise and a repeatable process that significantly reduces the carbon emissions of commercial buildings. We have spent the last year transforming our data analysis and thermodynamics modeling toolset into a robust software platform built on the latest web technologies. We are expanding our software team with a second engineer, a new and critical role, to help us move significantly faster in accomplishing our mission of stopping climate change.

For more information and to apply visit Carbon Lighthouse’s website here.


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