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At CCEC, we know communities are at different stages of working on various local climate and energy priorities. Whether you’re building EV charging infrastructure, helping property owners afford energy upgrades, or developing electrification plans and codes, you need a way to find all the best information when you’re ready to use it to inform your work. This resource library is designed to give you multiple ways to access the broad array of resources CCEC continuously compiles immediately. Here are a few examples of how you might use the search box or the filters to query our content:
  • You’ve been directed to initiate a new energy or climate project and hope to advance your knowledge and accelerate the process by accessing relevant best practices, case studies, technical assistance, guides, learning events, reports, and tools;
  • Your organization wants to expand its initiatives but lacks sufficient resources, and you need to identify possible funding sources;
  • You want to get an idea of the kinds of initiatives other communities are doing, especially in your region or for a particular sector;
  • and many more!
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Case Study

Atlanta Georgia Leverages Financing for Urban Redevelopment Program

Atlanta Georgia leveraged tax-increment financing (or in their case, a tax allocation district) to finance the Atlanta Beltline. This mechanism operates on the assumption that the property values of an area will rise as a consequence of development. The increase in value from developed properties is considered city revenue and, after the city fulfills obligations investors and bond-holders, can be used to support sustainability staff and projects. This $4.8 billion urban development project provides transportation access in addition to resilient revenue streams for the area and is expected to create 30,000 permanent jobs and 5,600 units of affordable workforce housing, among a number of other community and environmental benefits.

Organization: City of Atlanta
Organization Type: City or County
Region: Out of State
Topic Areas: Financing/Funding, Internal Funding Best Practices, Levy New Taxes or Fees
Sectors Targeted: Local Governments
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