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At CCEC, we know communities are at different stages of working on various local climate and energy priorities. Whether you’re building EV charging infrastructure, helping property owners afford energy upgrades, or developing electrification plans and codes, you need a way to find all the best information when you’re ready to use it to inform your work. This resource library is designed to give you multiple ways to access the broad array of resources CCEC continuously compiles immediately. Here are a few examples of how you might use the search box or the filters to query our content:
  • You’ve been directed to initiate a new energy or climate project and hope to advance your knowledge and accelerate the process by accessing relevant best practices, case studies, technical assistance, guides, learning events, reports, and tools;
  • Your organization wants to expand its initiatives but lacks sufficient resources, and you need to identify possible funding sources;
  • You want to get an idea of the kinds of initiatives other communities are doing, especially in your region or for a particular sector;
  • and many more!
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Best Practices

California City 0% On-Bill Financing

California City used 0% on-bill financing, from Southern California Edison, to pay for a well pump retrofit. The improvement resulted in new infrastructure and $16,000 in annual energy savings, paying for itself in just three and a half years.

Organization: California City
Organization Type: City or County
Region: Sierra Nevada, San Joaquin Valley
Topic Areas: External Funding Best Practices, Financing/Funding, On-Bill Financing
Case Study

City of Culver City On-Bill Financing

The City of Culver City used on-bill financing to finance a large energy efficiency project that included installation of a Energy Management System (EMS) at the Police Station, Senior Center, City Hall, Veterans Memorial Center, and Transportation Center and Interior and exterior lighting at select sites. The City received financing of $442,000, leaving $53,600 in expenses, however the project is anticipated to save at least $68,000 annually in savings, allowing the city to realize cost savings in as soon as 1-year.

Organization: City of Culver City
Organization Type: City or County
Region: Greater Los Angeles
Topic Areas: External Funding Best Practices, Financing/Funding, On-Bill Financing
Sectors Targeted: Local Governments
Funding Resources

Investor Owned Utility On-Bill Financing

Your investor-owned utility provides zero-interest on-bill financing. Click on the respective links below to learn more about this valuable program. Financing is available for $1-2 million interest-free and can be paid back on your utility bill.

Organization: CPUC
Organization Type: State Government/Agency
Region: Statewide
Topic Areas: Energy Efficiency, External Funding Best Practices, Financing/Funding, On-Bill Financing
Sectors Targeted: Commercial, Disadvantaged Communities, Local Governments, Tribal Governments
Case Study

SoCalREN Case Study: Culver City Energy Management Systems

Talk to any facility manager about what they wish they had more of and they will probably say time and money. Installing an energy management system (EMS) to control mechanical systems can address both, and Culver City completed an EMS system installation project at five of its key facilities, freeing up staff time and budget resources through energy savings. The city received no-cost technical assistance, project management support, utility incentive and On-Bill Financing application support from The SoCalREN Public Agency Program, and successfully completed the multi-site EMS project on budget.

Organization: SoCalREN
Organization Type: Other Local Government
Region: Greater Los Angeles
Topic Areas: Businesses, Clean Energy, Electric Vehicles and Clean Mobility, Energy Resilience, Energy Saving Solutions, External Funding Best Practices, On-Bill Financing, Public Agencies, Residential, Sustainability
Sectors Targeted: Local Governments
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