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At CCEC, we know communities are at different stages of working on various local climate and energy priorities. Whether you’re building EV charging infrastructure, helping property owners afford energy upgrades, or developing electrification plans and codes, you need a way to find all the best information when you’re ready to use it to inform your work. This resource library is designed to give you multiple ways to access the broad array of resources CCEC continuously compiles immediately. Here are a few examples of how you might use the search box or the filters to query our content:
  • You’ve been directed to initiate a new energy or climate project and hope to advance your knowledge and accelerate the process by accessing relevant best practices, case studies, technical assistance, guides, learning events, reports, and tools;
  • Your organization wants to expand its initiatives but lacks sufficient resources, and you need to identify possible funding sources;
  • You want to get an idea of the kinds of initiatives other communities are doing, especially in your region or for a particular sector;
  • and many more!
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Case Study

Green Hayward PAYS® program

The City of Hayward’s Green Hayward PAYS® program allows multifamily property owners to get immediate savings on their water and energy utility bills by installing efficiency improvements with no up-front cost.

Organization: City of Hayward
Organization Type: City or County
Region: San Francisco Bay Area
Topic Areas: Energy Saving Solutions, External Funding Best Practices, Residential, Tariffed On-Bill Financing
Sectors Targeted: Residential
Case Study

Windsor Energy PAYS® program

The Town of Windsor’s Windsor Energy PAYS® program allows residents and businesses to finance water and energy saving upgrades with no up-front cost and immediate savings on utility bills. Average customer savings amount to $30 per utility bill, 10% reduction in energy use, and 20% reduction in indoor water use, generating estimated annual savings of 9.2 million gallons of water, 88,000 kWh, and 25,000 therms.

Organization: Town of Windsor
Organization Type: City or County
Region: North Coast
Topic Areas: Businesses, Energy Saving Solutions, External Funding Best Practices, Residential, Tariffed On-Bill Financing
Sectors Targeted: Commercial, Residential
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