Tribal Resilience Program

Direct funding supports tribes, tribal consortia, and authorized tribal organizations to build adaptation and resilience through competitive awards. The annual awards program is designed to reinforce preparedness through tribally-designed resilience training, adaptation planning, vulnerability assessments, supplemental monitoring, capacity building, and youth engagement. TRP’s focus lies primarily on impacts associated with harmful environmental trends on tribal and treaty trust resources, economies, infrastructure, and human health and safety. The resilient ocean and coastal management effort within the annual awards program is in place to assist tribes in accessing the planning, science and tools, and capacity building needs of coastal tribes, including the Great Lakes. The relocation, managed retreat, and protect-in-place planning efforts are supportive of Tribal Nations and Alaska Native Villages dealing with effects such as intensifying coastal or riverine erosion, storm surge, extreme precipitation events and flooding, permafrost vulnerability, sea level rise, and similar impacts.

Assistance Program Type
Climate Adaptation and Resilience, Climate Change, Financing/Funding, Grants Programs, Planning
Topics and Sectors Targeted