Local energy partnership readying North Coast for hydrogen powered cars

“At the beginning of this year, Gov. Brown signed an executive order mandating in part that, “all State entities work with the private sector and all appropriate levels of government to put at least 5 million zero-emission vehicles on California roads by 2030.” As a result, a local partnership between the Redwood Coast Energy Authority and the Schatz Energy Research Center has begun a series of steps to prepare Humboldt for air friendly hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, or FCEV’s.

“It’s exciting technology …there are certain things that capture peoples’ imaginations,” says Aisha Cissna, who works with RCEA.

But Cissna, among others, is wrestling with a bit of a catch-22. There are currently no fueling stations for FCEVs in Humboldt County. So before FCEVs come to Humboldt, they need a place to fuel. But, for fueling stations to be constructed, FCEVs need to be on the road.”

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