Local Government Partnership (LGP) Value and Effectiveness Survey Launched


Opinion Dynamics has been retained by the California Public Utilities Commission to assess the value and effectiveness of LGPs, particularly in terms of achieving the State of California’s Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan goals. Feedback from local governments is extremely important to the study.

If your organization is a part of an LGP – either as an implementer, a member government, or a local government that received funding for Strategic Plan projects – a staff person at your organization may have received this invitation to complete the survey during the week of April 20th.  The subject line for this invitation is “Local Government Partnerships Value & Effectiveness Survey Invitation.”

If you have received an invitation, please complete the survey. As a reminder, responses to this survey will be kept anonymous and the identities of respondents will not be revealed to any organization other than Opinion Dynamics.  Should you have any questions, please contact Alan Elliott atalanelliott1@opiniondynamics.com

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