Los Altos Hills Unanimously Adopts Climate Action Plan


The Los Altos City Council unanimously approved the City’s Climate Action Plan at the council meeting Dec. 10, 2013. As shared by the City:

“The actions Los Altos will take were selected to provide benefit beyond greenhouse gas emission reductions.  The bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure will be expanded.  This will be good for people who want to get out of their cars, provide healthy exercise and produce less greenhouse gases.  Building regulations enhancements will improve energy efficiency and the City will expand its outreach about energy efficiency options.  This will save us money in the long run with lower energy bills and produce less greenhouse gases.  Public charging stations and pre-wiring for electric vehicle (EV) charging will encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, which with zero tail pipe emissions, means cleaner air for us and our children.  Water conservation measures will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (pumping water takes energy) and planting more shade trees will capture carbon dioxide, the most common greenhouse gas.”

To review the City’s Climate Action Plan, click here. For more on California climate action plans, click here.

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