Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland Join West Coast Cities on Climate Change Commitments


This week the mayors of Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Oakland, and Vancouver joined the leaders of the states of Washington, Oregon, California, and the province of British Columbia to unveil an agreement this week to fight climate change. Key provisions of the agreement are described in the governments’ joint press release:

  1. Implementing energy data reporting and benchmarking for at least 75 percent of eligible large building square footage;
  2. Expanding consumer, municipal, utility, and private sector adoption of zero-emission vehicles and development of a Pacific Coast electric vehicle charging network from Southern California to British Columbia;
  3. Accelerating the deployment of distributed, community-scale renewable energy, integrated into the grid, including lowering the carbon intensity of heating fuels in commercial and residential buildings;
  4. Reducing carbon emissions from the food waste stream by preventing and recovering organic waste and promoting composting.

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