Major Energy Storage Incentives Authorized by CPUC Can Help Safeguard those most Vulnerable to Wildfire and Power Safety Shut-offs


Greetings California Energy Colleagues,

I wanted to make sure community-serving energy professionals in CA were aware that the CPUC has
recently authorized major modifications to the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) to strengthen
resiliency in communities facing the greatest risk of wildfires and Power Safety Shut-offs.

Since 2001, the SGIP has played a critical role in the deployment of distributed generation projects and
the reduction of on-site electric demand and greenhouse gas emissions in CA. The recent modifications
result in more than one billion dollars through 2025 largely for energy storage projects. The Decision
sets aside 63% of the budget to fund “equity/resiliency projects” that seek to cover the full cost of
energy systems to benefit low income and disadvantaged communities (including Indian Country) and
medically vulnerable customers who are at most risk during electricity shut-offs. You can view the CPUC
High Fire Risk Area (Tiers 2 or 3), DACs and Low-Income layered map to determine Equity Resilience
Program eligibility and qualifying incentive levels.

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