March 14th Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Schools Retrofit workshop at the San Mateo County Office of Education


Find out how schools in California and across the country are saving energy, money and more! The New Buildings Institute is holding a no-cost training on March 14th covering zero net energy, in partnership with the California IOUs as part of the Prop 39 ZNE Pilot program. Join them to learn how you can help start putting more money back into classrooms and programs by pursuing zero energy schools.

Schools are encouraged to send representatives including administrators, sustainability coordinators, facility managers, school leaders, design teams, and faculty as this is a rare opportunity for free zero net energy training. These workshops will help advance your knowledge, policy and planning for ZNE and support schools in the Prop 39 pilot program.

See this ZNE workshop fact sheet and March 14th agenda for more information; for ZNE workshops in other areas, take a look at the SEEC EE Events Calendar to the right.

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