Moving Forward: Your Guide to Building Momentum on Climate Solutions in Your Community – June 28

It may be true that no one ever ran for city council, county commissioner, or mayor to solve climate change, but its challenges are now present in our communities – along with growing opportunities to solve them.

Meaningful local climate solutions are within reach, and thousands of local leaders have already started working to cut energy use, use greener energy, provide transportation options, reduce waste and spending, and prepare their communities for climate risks and build resiliency in the face of those risks.

America is moving steadily towards sustainable climate solutions that benefit people and communities. But much more progress needs to be made in cities and towns across the nation.

ecoAmerica, along with partners including the National League of Cities, Local Government Commission, and Urban Sustainability Directors Network, is releasing Moving Forward: Your Guide to Building Momentum on Climate Solutions in Your Community, a guide for civic leaders in smaller and mid-size communities that want to lead on climate and sustainability and seek the resources to act, including guidance on how to best engage your residents using clear, positive, inclusive and relevant messages.

Please join us on June 28 as we release Moving Forward.

Click here to learn more.

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