My life in the elusive green economy


“Over the past decade, the costs of solar panels and electric-vehicle batteries have dropped so dramatically that they’re starting to make financial sense—not yet for all consumers in all parts of the country, but for more consumers every day. Now my life has become a daily education in the fast-changing economics of green. Our home solar investment should pay for itself in eight years, a solid return with virtually no risk. The Bolt is a fun, safe, practical car that’s also pretty cheap, especially factoring our savings from brewing our fuel on our roof.

While the political debate over climate change has been stuck for years on the same is-it-real, is-it-us, should-government-act arguments, there’s been a quiet revolution on the ground, driven not by environmentalism or altruism but the bloodless logic of the marketplace. That’s a huge deal, because the climate would be doomed if it depended on billions of people revamping their approaches to energy and transportation to try to change the world. Now that I’ve plugged into this emerging green economy, I’m seeing firsthand how the world really is changing, but also some of the obstacles to change.”

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