National Association of Home Builders Survey Shows Home Buyers Willing to Pay More for Energy Efficient Homes


A recent National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) survey shows builders responding to consumer desires for energy efficiency in homes. In a survey to consumers, consumers reported being willing to spend an average of $10,732 for every $1,000 in annual energy savings. In a survey to builders, builders reported prioritizing energy efficiency measures – including Energy Star-rated appliances and windows, Low-E windows, and programmable thermostats.

As quoted in an article on Mortgage Professional America:

“Today’s new homes include features that will help homeowners reduce energy consumption and enhance the conveniences of modern living,” said Ed Brady, NAHB chairman. “Our builders are telling us that energy efficiency continues to be a top demand from consumers.”

Read more in MPA’s article, here.

Looking for more resources that showcasing the increased value of energy efficiency in buildings? Check out PACE homes having a higher resale value, the net present value of energy efficiency opportunities found in the City of San Francisco’s energy performance ordinance report, the City of Berkeley’s work to motivate the market with the DOE Home Energy Score, and more.

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