New plant tests energy-saving way to treat wastewater

“Working closely with environmental engineers from Silicon Valley Clean Water (SVCW), a water treatment utility, the Stanford team will help build and operate a small anaerobic treatment plant in Redwood Shores, California, alongside the enormous conventional plant that purifies wastewater for a quarter million people and businesses from Redwood City to Menlo Park.

The group has broken ground on the demonstration plant, which is slated to come on line in fall 2018. It will eventually process 20,000 gallons of wastewater per day to provide validation and operating experience for what could become a full-scale plant capable of processing millions of gallons of wastewater per day.

In addition to cost-effectiveness, the researchers believe anaerobic processing could prove better at filtering household and industrial chemicals out of the waste stream, so that the treated water can drip back underground to replenish aquifers or even, one day, yield water pure enough to irrigate the garden or even quench one’s thirst.”

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