Of course California should require solar panels on new homes

“The benefits of solar power are well established. Photovoltaics harness the sun to create electricity, reducing the need for dirtier forms of energy. And residents generate their own power, cutting their utility bills.

These requirements — assuming they’re ratified as expected by the California Building Standards Commission — will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7,000 metric tons over three years, which is the equivalent of taking 115,000 gas-powered cars off the road. That’s important because buildings account for 25% of the state’s greenhouse gas emissions. The emissions come from burning natural gas in furnaces and water heaters, and from the power plants that generate the electricity used by appliances and air conditioners. Lawmakers have committed to doubling the energy efficiency of all buildings by 2030. It’s far easier and cheaper to build no- or low-emission buildings from the start than to retrofit structures later.”

Click here to read more from LA Times.


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