Opinion: Community energy programs are accountable in ways Investor-Owned Utilities are not

“California has become a world leader on climate change, and local communities are joining in the call to create a carbon-free environment. One of the tools communities have to achieve our ambitious climate goals is creating locally run, greener electricity providers to offer an alternative to large investor-owned utilities. Communities across the state are jumping at the opportunity, known as community choice aggregation, to design and provide clean energy programs that meet the unique needs of their region.

Unlike SDG&E, which is motivated by shareholder interests, Solana Energy Alliance is a not-for-profit energy provider accountable to the residents and businesses of Solana Beach. As a result, excess revenue will be reinvested back into the local economy, through on-bill savings and community programs. This ensures net revenues remain in the local community and continue to benefit local customers. In 2018, CCA customers in California will save more than $90 million per year combined on their energy bills compared with their investor-owned utility counterparts, according to California Community Choice Association members’ projections.”

Click here to read more from Voices of San Diego.

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