Opinion: Transition to renewable energy: Legislation puts clean air and vulnerable communities first

“California Senate Bill 64 (SB 64, Weickowski), currently under consideration by the California Legislature, is a step in the right direction. It would require the California Air Resources Board to publish data on the hourly change in emissions, startups and shutdowns of natural gas plants in the state. SB 64 would also require state agencies to work together to identify ways to reduce global warming and air pollution emissions, placing a priority on reducing emissions in communities most impacted by air pollution. While we need to phase out natural gas power plants by bringing more renewable energy onto our electricity grid, we must not allow the transition to unjustly impose further burdens on communities that have been polluted by our energy system. SB 64 is a necessary safeguard to help prevent low-income communities of color from continuing to sacrifice their health for the greater good.”

Click here to read more from Union of Concerned Scientists.


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