10/28 wEEkly updates

News and Opportunities Targeted Process Evaluation of the Local Government Partnership (LGP) Program Research into Action (RIA), SCE’s consultant preparer, has been for over a year working to craft this study to address three primary subjects: developing new useful criteria to organize and group similar LGPs for the purpose of more easily evaluating the diverse…

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Progress by City and County

***THIS IS A NEW FEATURE UNDER DEVELOPMENT BY THE COORDINATOR AND IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION*** Below is a master tracking list of programs and policies that local governments have developed that support energy efficiency and sustainability goals of the Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. All data are shared on a single page, alphabetically by county. One can use “Find”…

Local Government Action on the EE Strategic Plan

Below are the California Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan’s 5 overarching goals for local governments. Scroll below to see examples of local government activities that support these goals, and additional resources and best practices. Goal #1: Going Beyond Code. Local governments lead adoption and implementation of “reach” codes stronger than Title 24, on both mandatory basis and voluntary…

Case Study and Video: Blue Lake Rancheria Microgrid

Using a $5 million grant from the California Energy Commission (CEC)’s Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC), the Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe is working to build a low-carbon community microgrid to power the entire 100-acre (more…)

Berkeley’s New Resiliency Plan

This week the City of Berkeley’s Chief Resilience Officer shared with CityLab on the City’s new Resilience Strategy, of which energy and water savings and clean energy investments are key. (more…)

CURRENTS: Unpacking the Paris Agreement: Implications and Inspiration for Local Governments

For those of us following energy and climate issues, December 2015 was an exciting month. The meetings in Paris held by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), and by other climate action-focused groups that used the opportunity to also convene, drew global attention to latest climate forecasts, to the events we are…

OhmConnect Connects Smart Device/Smart Home Users with Savings

Developments in automated demand response (ADR) technology: Smart home energy automator OhmConnect announces breakthrough methods for enabling smart home devices (including wifi thermostats, smart plugs, home automation systems, and EV chargers) to generate recurring revenue streams by intelligently controlling device charging when electricity is less costly.  To learn more, click here for the press release.

Energy Efficiency Programming and Air Quality in China

For some news on energy efficiency efforts across the Pacific, here’s a story describing China’s new energy efficiency and demand response planning and programs, spurred on by extreme air pollution.