Palo Alto’s On Demand Green Building Compliance Trainings


Palo Alto has released an On-Demand set of green building compliance trainings: learn more in the City’s September 23rd press release here and below:

Launch of On-Demand Video Trainings for the Green Building and Energy Reach Code Ordinances

Palo Alto’s Development Services department has launched a series of on-demand trainings videos outlining the requirements found in the Green Building Ordinance 5324 and Energy Reach Code Ordinance 5345. The videos are imbedded within the Green Building Compliance page.

The purpose of these on-demand videos is to provide the community with expedited training opportunities related to the new Green Building Ordinance and Energy Reach Code Ordinance. The videos are broken out into several categories to provide fast and easy access to the requirements and compliance procedures for both residential and commercial projects.

The city has developed a robust green building compliance process to support applicant teams. “We want to promote a streamlined and predictable process for the green building and energy requirements to align with our departmental blueprint.” said Development Services Director Peter Pirnejad. “We are committed to eliminating the guesswork out of these ordinances.”

The Green Building Ordinance 5324 and Energy Reach Code Ordinance 5345 are currently in effect for all new permit applications. For more information on the history and background of these new ordinances, visit the Green Building in Palo Alto page.

For more on reach codes, click here. For green building, click here.

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