PG&E High Opportunity Project & Programs (HOPPs) Update from the CPUC


As released by the CPUC today:

The CPUC Energy Division (ED) review teams have reviewed PG&E’s HOPPs proposals, and informed PG&E that additional information will be needed before ED can determine if the proposals will be approved or rejected.  The attached review sheets include comments and questions from the review teams on PG&E’s proposals, and responses from PG&E.


  • On March 25, PG&E submitted the following Advice Letters
    • AL # 3697-G/4812-E, proposing an On Bill Financing Alternative Pathway
    • AL # 3698-G/4813-E, proposing a Residential Pay for Performance Program
  • On April 1, I informed the Service List that both proposals had cleared the initial review process, and would be reviewed in full.
  • The review teams sent review sheets to PG&E, and discussed their concerns with PG&E program, evaluation, and regulatory staff leads via conference call.  As mentioned above, PG&E responded to the input on the attached review sheets. 

Next Steps

  • Protests are due from stakeholders today.
  • ED will determine the procedural vehicle for PG&E to revise its proposals, and inform PG&E and the Service List of additional next steps. 

The PG&E Residential Pay for Performance Program proposal attracted news attention, calling it “simple” but “based on a revolutionary concept.” (Read more here.)


Anyone that would like to receive updates on this and other matters related to the development of high opportunity projects and programs (HOPPs), energy efficiency program planning, and the rolling portfolio can sign up for updates on R.13-11-005 on the CPUC website.

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