Prop 39: 2016 Citizens Oversight Board Reports are now available


The Citizens Oversight Board has released their report on Prop 39, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act (CCEJA). In this report to the Legislature, the Citizens Oversight Board provides a detailed review of progress on the many programs funded by Prop 39. The report concludes, “[CCEJA] is creating real value for the state of California, and is contributing to the state’s larger education, energy, climate, and economic development goals.”

Key recommendations include:

1) Extend the CCEJA program another five years, and fix the encumbrance dates to allow for maximum participation.

2) Revisit Savings to Investment Ratio (SIR) for schools meeting specific conditions.

3) Re-invest in loan and technical assistance programs.

4) Increase support to Workforce Development Board for jobs analysis.

5) Increase support to California Energy Commission for program administration.

6) Identify ways to increase participation rates of charter schools.

7) Target unspent or new program funds for “innovation grants”.

8) Target unspent or new program funds for inventory of K-12 facilities.

9) Target unspent or new program funds for manual on best practices.

Click here to find the full report and detailed appendices.

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