Proposed CPUC Decision Provides Guidance on Energy Efficiency Rolling Portfolio Business Plan Filings


ALJ Julie A. Fitch’s Proposed Decision regarding Providing Guidance for Initial Energy Efficiency Rolling Portfolio Business Plan Filings is now available. Click here to read the proposed decision in full. The decision outline is below.



1. Background

2. Regional Energy Networks

3. Baseline Policy

3.1. Relationship of Baseline to Utility Energy Efficiency Goals

3.2. Relationship of Baseline to CEC’s Demand Forecast

3.3. Relationship of Baseline to CEC’s Development of Codes & Standards

3.4. Relationship of Baseline to Utility Credit for Codes & Standards Advocacy

3.5. Existing Conditions Baseline as Default Assumption, with Exceptions

3.6. New Construction (including expansions and any added load)

3.7. Commercial Sector Issues

3.8. Industrial and Agricultural Sector Issues

3.9. Financing Programs

3.10.Upstream and Midstream Programs

3.11.Behavioral, Retrocommissioning, and Operational Programs

3.12.NMEC and RCT Program Designs

3.13.Items Deferred to Working Group(s)

3.14.Summary of Baseline Policy

4. Statewide Programs

4.1. Single Statewide Implementer

4.2. Eligibility for and Assignment of Statewide Administrator Roles

4.3. Cost Sharing and Cost-Effectiveness Across Utility Service Territories

4.4. Coordination with Publicly-Owned Utility Programs

4.5. Upstream and Midstream Programs and Market Transformation Approaches

4.6. Downstream Programs

4.7. Local Government Programs

4.8. Pay for Performance

4.9. Summary of Statewide Requirements

4.9.1. Adopted Definition

4.9.2. Subprograms Required to be Administered Statewide

5. Third Party Programs

5.1. Definition of Third Party Program

5.2. New Third Party Requirements

5.3. Pay for Performance

6. Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM&V)

6.1. Priorities

6.2. Accountability for Priorities

6.3. Funding Levels

6.4. Funding Distribution

6.5. Schedules and Timing

6.6. Collaborative Process Changes .

7. Energy Savings Performance Incentives (ESPI)

7.1. Metrics Categories

7.2. Weighting of Scores by Deemed/Custom Measures

7.3. Mid-Year Review

8. Next Steps

9. Comments on Proposed Decision

10. Assignment of Proceeding

Findings of Fact

Conclusions of Law

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