Rebuilding better homes for Northern California wildfire survivors

“There are options for homeowners.

Under the first option, homeowners receive a $7,500 incentive to exceed current energy efficiency standards by 20%, to install an electric vehicle charging station (equipment is provided free of charge) and design the roof for additional loads associated with solar panels.

If they want to add solar combined with energy storage, there is an additional $5,000 incentive; alternatively, that can also be used to pre-purchase 20 years of 100% local renewable power (SCP’s EverGreen service).

Homeowners who are willing to go all-electric can also receive a $12,500 incentive, which adds heat pumps for heating and cooling, induction cooking, and all-electric Energy Star appliances to the requirements of the first option – plus the same optional incentive on solar.”

Click here to read more from North Bay Business Journal.

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